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Nobile is one of the key players in the kiteboarding industry producing kites and world-famous kiteboarding boards. The company has been manufacturing kiteboards in Europe since 2004 and brought many innovations to the design of the kitesurfing and snowkiting boars.

Nobile is searching for innovations, best materials and technology at every stage of designing products. Dariusz Rosiak, the founder of the company, believes that the safety on the water and the joy of kitesurfing are the most important.

The brand incorporates the Human Concept Technology in their designs to ensure that the products answer the real needs of the kiteboarders in the water and on the snow. With the best performance and rider-friendly design in mind, Nobile introduced features like Click&Go, the tool-free mounting standard, that allows the user to attach and detach fins without the screwdriver. Nobile boards are also known for their Hydrodynamic Asymmetrical Outline that features longer heel side for better upwind performance.

Probably the most famous of Nobile products are the Split kiteboards that feature 20% more flex than the other boards to prevent knee injuries in kitesurfing and ensure the best performance in the water. The W-connection allows splitting board into two pieces, what makes kitesurfing travels more enjoyable thanks to the smaller pack size. This revolutionary invention made traveling with the kitesurfing equipment is much easier and cheaper, as the board can be packed in a standard size suitcase instead of a big kitebag. Nobile produces split twintips as well as split surfboards.

The brand offers a big variety of kiteboards for women kitesurfers as well as universal kiteboards with funky designs.

Nobile has been the first brand to introduce bespoke snowkiting board, hence its products can be seen on the snow as well on the water.

Nobile pro-rider team includes champions like Katarzyna Lange and Eudazio Da Silva who demonstrate the outstanding performance of the Nobile boards as well as Nobile kites.

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